Need to see you again- Smooth R&B guitar vibe

This is an old track and my first upload here. Any constructive comments welcome…


Great overall vibe here. What instruments are you playing?


I play everything. Which is all vocals, guitar, bass guitar and of course keys. How do you find the overall mix…? It’s it clear, maybe bass heavy…

I’ve listened to this a few times. I was asking about the instruments you were playing because you show amazing restraint on guitar for a person who gets the tone you get. From your response I take it that you have an actual guitar as opposed to some articulated guitar sample set youre triggering from a key board. When the parts cme in they sound good and the vibe of a sooth jazz track is there. Mix levels are about right the second guitar line is a little out from and the bass is light. The track needs additional parts and production but is a good start. More guitar in the smooth jazz style would seem a natural way to go here

Thanks for the insight.

I didn’t want to add much more instrumentation as there was a lot of background synth leads and atmospheres and I thought that it might start to sound to cluttered? I was initially trying to go for something laid back and ambient, and not to jazzy.

But I might try a smooth jazz remix with more guitar…