Need to toggle track monitor via foot switch

I am controlling my transport punch-in/out and record commands via a midi foot switch but I’d like to be able to toggle the monitor button on any selected Audio track as well so I can hear my vocals as I record them (Monitor button on) and then immediately listen to the recorded audio on the play back (Monitor button off)

Reason is because I may loop a section and do multiple takes of certain sections until I’m satisfied with the result and don’t want to have to continually do this via the mouse if I can accomplish the same thing with the foot switch controller. Just makes things more quick and effective for me.

But I cannot find the right combination in the remote device mapping to control the track monitor.

Anybody know the combination?

If it isn’t possible to do it this way, I’d be interested to hear of alternative methods others may be using; but preferably, the foot switch would be nicer. :smiley:


Device = VST Mixer
Category = Selected
Action = Monitor

But I would recommend you to change Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring. Set While Record Running here. Then the Monitor will be enabled only while record. While playback, the Monitor will be disabled. Do you don’t need the switch anymore.


Just what I needed, Thanks!!! :smiley: