Need Tutorial: Automate Wah Wah Plug-in via Expression Pedal

Another thing I wish there was a Quick Tip on in manual.

I start with a MIDI Expression Pedal on my keyboard.

I load an instance of the Steinberg Wah Wah plug on an audio track insert.

OK… now, how do I assign the Expression Pedal to control the Wah wheel in the plug? (or -any- wah plug-in eg. Amplitube, Pod Farm, etc.)

I -thought- that if I assigned the ‘wheel’ to a Quick Control and set the Quick Control to ‘Expression’ that would do the trick, but nope.

What’s the secret?

the secret is finding the VST automation parameter name in each plugin, that you need to hook into the Track Quick Control.

And I assume, you have your midi controller configured for Track Quick controls in the Studio Setup - including assigning whatever Midi CC your expression pedal sends to one of the 8 Track Quick Controls?

OK, I think I figured it out… at least for this one use case. Perhaps I’m making it too complicated.

  1. Go to Quick Controls in Inspector

  2. Activate Power

  3. Assign Slot #1 to the parameter I want to control (in this case Wah Pedal)

  4. Now open Studio Setup

  5. Make sure Quick Control #1 is assigned to 11 (Expression)

  6. Assign MIDI in to my keyboard/expression pedal

  7. Assign MIDI Out to the parameter I want to control (Wah Pedal)

…this worked, but it seems like there were too many steps. I don’t understand why I had to open Studio Setup and assign QC #1 to the parameter (Wah Pedal). This seems unintuitive. Perhaps I did something wrong?

The Studio setup is for mapping your hardware layout to the 8 QuickControls in software.

Here’s mine:

I typically don’t change that very often.

In your case, your Expression pedal is now always available in the assigned quick controls slot. And now you can use it for different things on different tracks. Maybe sometimes it’s volume, sometimes, it controls a reverb mix percentage, sometimes a cutoff filter.

No need to touch the Studio Settings again, once that is done.

I think that either this process needs to be tweaked or… I dunno what. But until I went into Studio Setup and explicitly assigned my first QC to a specific parameter (Wah Wah Pedal), nothing worked. (Even though the Controller was properly set to Address 11)

Once I did that, now it seems to ‘just work’ with other plugs and QC parameters on Slot 1 w Expression Pedal… but -without- having to go back to Studio Setup. I don’t think you should have to do the initial assignment in Studio Setup.

Maybe I’m not being clear, but I think this could be made easier.

Anyhoo… thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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