Need upgrade info for Windows 11

Right now with the computer I have Windows 11 pro upgrade will not work. I know this is a Daw forum but I have Cubase Pro 11.30. I plan to make an upgrade on my Dell Optiplex 9010 (large one) so Windows 11 update will work by replacing my Intel HD Graphics 4000 version 1.2 What I need to know is what lower priced Graphics card would work better for Cubase and fit physically in my computer? If no one knows then maybe you could point me towards someone who does know on another website.
Another thought is can I move the HD Graphics Card to another empty 2.0 or 3.0 slot in my computer to make it compatible with windows 11?

I don’t have an answer for this, you might check Tom’s Hardware Forum or there are many websites with Windows advice (to understate it).

Don’t upgrade to Windows 11 before Steinberg announces compatibility information for it.

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Ask Dell, they provide support for their products, normally…

If it’s an Intel HD grafix then it is no graphic card, it’s integrated in the CPU and the mainboard.

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When (approx.) is Steinberg going to make the notice?

They generally do so a few months after the new release of an OS, once they have had time to test the final release version.

Take a cue from the pros – professional audio engineers, composers and audio post houses wait up to a year before running a new OS in their production environment.

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Your computer should have a service tag (a combination of around 8 digits and letters) possibly on a sticker on the box, and almost certainly recorded in the BIOS. Plug that into Dell’s support site to find out the specification of your machine. Or look for an identifier for your mainboard in the BIOS. You should be able to get to the bottom of it with a bit of digging. You want to know what slots you have available and whether the box takes half height or full height cards. Once you have those details you can search for one that meets the requirements.

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I’ve been told that there are other issues with my old 4th generation i7, that Windows11 uses 8th generation and something else with security. Other computer forums are saying stay with Windows 10 or buy a different computer on a Windows 11 compliant list.

I’m in “violent agreement” here!
Don’t touch Win11 until you have compelling reasons to do so, and that may be years…
It brings no must-have features, and if you adopt it too early, you may spend more time fixing various stability issues than doing music/recording/etc.

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That computer is way to old to upgrade from win10 to win11.
8 gen. intel is required as a minimum (with a few exceptions, being highend 7 gen cpu’s)
Using the media creation tool, you can install win11 on older computers. But it is the a fresh install/wipe and according to MS will not receive any updates. From a security perspective, makes it completely useless.
Win10 is supported until 2025.

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Win10 will be supported until 2025. Do not rush to upgrade if you need your system to be stable and reliable.
Win11 seems like a comedy of errors. Microsoft have made so many missteps that any interest I had in Win11 was lost months before it’s release.

I’ve decided to listen to the majority and wait to see what type of computer is compatible with Windows11 or just stick with my current computer and Windows 10 until 2025.


I’ve decided to listen to the majority and wait to see what type of computer is compatible with Windows11 or just stick with my current computer and Windows 10 until 2025

You won’t get a free update from Microsoft. But you can always make a clean install with Windows 11 from an iso-file. There are no restrictions. That works in any case, but you don’t get the W11 for free - you have to buy it.
At the moment I’m running Nuendo 11 with the preview W11. So far everything works. The first impression is that it feels faster as W10.

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Windows 11 should be a free upgrade though. Are you talking about something else that I’m missing?

it is a free upgrade. I ve been using it as my main os without a single issue. Streams, games, cubase. Everything just works better now.

I also was able to get a free iso.

@MattiasNYC I think @THambrecht is talking about Windows 11 for unsupported devices.
The upgrade will be free, but Microsoft stated that those installations won’t get updates though Windows Update.

No - unsupported devices will never get a * free * update from W10 to W11. The * free * update is only for unsupported devices.
The only way for unsupported devices is to buy W11- and of course you then get updates though Windows Update.

You should have specified that then.

Also, I think the discussion was regarding a new computer build that supported W11.

There is a contradiction between these two statements.

No and no.
Actually, things are still unclear at this point. But, for unsupported devices, you will apparently be able to manually, and at your own risk, install Windows 11 using the Media Creation Tool or ISO, thus for free. But it is of course not recommended, because according to Microsoft your PC will be more subject to crashes.
And no, you won’t get any updates through Windows Update in this case, unless there is a policy change in future.

And finally, as mentioned by MatthiasNYC, the discussion is about supported configurations, so please let’s stay on topic.