Need urgent advice on new Daw!!!!!!!

Hi guys!
I’m Giacomo and I’m new to this forum! (Oh I’m Italian, so please excuse my non-perfect english!!! :smiley:)

I write to you because I extremely need an advice from someone that have a bit more experience that me in pc-hardware for music production!

I’m a film music composer (in particular cinematic trailer and short films), and now I need a new maschine, absolutely powerfull and reliable, to compose my music!
I see the spec. and price of some daw builder, but they are out of my budget (often I see really crazy prices!) so I decided to assemble that daw for myself!
I decided to go on Windows because I want to stay in Cubase, and for my use I think a mac-system is not so far the best! (Also if I know in the near future I’ll have to work with Vienna Ensemble Pro, also in Windows)

I thought to a configuration based on the new intel x99 chipset, with an i7 5930k cpu!
I think to put 32 gb of Crucial Ballistix Sport Ram (that then I’ll increase), SSD and hard disks.
And here finally the question:

What motherboard is better???
I think about Gigabyte, because some advices that I received, and I thought to the GA-X99-UD4 or UD4P.
But the fact is that I see on the net that the X99 Gigabyte mobo are absolutely not so reliable, I see a lot of negative comments about in particular bios problems, or usb2 compatibility (for example with usb2 audio interface!), that seem to affect more or less every of that motherboard, and also the UD series…

What about that, do you know something??? or have you got some advices for me???
Could be good a system in X99 platform, and what mobo could be best for me???

Please, help me, I’m really worried to spend a lot of money for a good and powerful system but then have problems of stability or reliability
Hope in your advice!

Welcome to the forum, Giacomo!

Looks like you want to build a system much like mine (see my specifications below).

You will find negative comments on any motherboard but I think the GA-X99-UD4 or (my choice) ASUS X99 Pro would be just fine. Also, your choice of Crucial memory is good.
I think you will be very happy with the i7 5930k CPU, very powerful!

Good luck,


Hi Mauri!!!
That’s great! exactly what I hope to hear!!! :smiley:

In fact I just see that almost every mobo seems to have negative comments!!!
I just have an old pc with an Asus mobo that never give me a problem, but I thought of the Gigabyte because as I said, a person expert in Steinberg software, tells me that on the same kind of motherboard, the Gigabyte probably would be preferable! Don’t know if because of too much feature of the Asus Mobo…

However I’m really a bit worried about the boot problems read on the Gigabyte X99 series!
It seems not to hold the overclock settings, have bios problems, usb 2 audio interface (like mine) compatibility problems, ecc!
Really don’t know what to do!

I also see the new MSI x99 sli plus that seems to be very satisfying, but I don’t know well that brand and sincerely, I’d like to stay in those other Mobo brand, hoping not to have problems like the ones reead about GB!

P.S. Yes, my system will be more or less like yours, it should be really powerfull!!! :smiley:
I’m just a bit worried about the stability! :laughing:

Nobody else knows something about those x99 systems with cubase???

Not yet, I’m watching this topic though because I’ll be building something similar soon :slight_smile:

IMHO you’d be better off buying lower spec RAM and spending the spare money on more of it! I’d rather have 64GB of “slow” RAM than 32GB of high end gaming type RAM - in DAW applications memory latency and speed isn’t that important - but having enough memory really is.

Well, having huge amounts of RAM doesn’t really make a difference, unless you actually need it:wink: .
In my case, I got by having 8GB on my old machine, 'never maxed it out. I reckon I’ll be ok with 32GB.

My response was to the original poster - two things caught my eye

"I’m a film music composer (in particular cinematic trailer and short films)" (memory guzzling type of production)
"I think to put 32 gb of Crucial Ballistix Sport Ram" (High spec gaming RAM - which (IMHO) is an overkill if the machine is primarily for use as a DAW.)

Hi Giacomo,

Definitely make sure the specific RAM is approved for the motherboard according to the manufacturer. No need to use high speed ram, it’s the capacity that matters. Also, its hard to resell RAM. Personally I think it makes sense to buy 64GB if you think there is a reasonable chance you might have a huge template.

Hi guys!
Thanks for all your advice!
The fact is that to create the huge template I need, probably also 64 gb of ram aren’t as much, so I think that the only way is a Vienna ensemble pro system with a slave!
In that condition I though to wait a bit for 64 gb of ram in that machine (also because of the actual big prices of DDR4), and try with 32 for a period, and then buy a slave (if need…) with 64gb in the near future, dedicate only to vst…
And however, with those x99 motherboards, I have 8 slots for ram, so if I need it I could always upgrade with another 4x8gb DDR4 kit!