Needed help upgrading (50% Off sale...YES OH MY GOD !)

Hey guys,

I want to upgrade from Cubase 6.0.7 to 6.5.5. (I have the installer of 6.5.5)

Now my question is, if i buy Cubase Elements 7 license, will i get a license/permit to use 6.5.5 as well ? I’m asking this because i DON’T want to use C7 as its interface changed a lot & i’m not finding that convenient.

Pls help ASAP. Sale is for only 2 days !

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you have a Elements 7 licence, you can use Elements 6.5 as well

I am talking about using full version of cubase 6.5.5 if i buy license of C7 elements…OR should i need to buy the full version of C7 to use cubase 6.5.5

Anybody pls help…Offer ends tomorrow !

Then you need to buy the full versión.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Unfortunately gonna stick with buggy 6.0.7 :frowning:

Anyone from from Cubase support team can confirm this would be much appreciable…pls.

You will be soooo lucky if somebody for steiny respond to this.

But look it just in a rational way.

How much does Cubase 6.5 Cost? How much Cubase LE 7 cost?

Why could you pay for LE and use any other soft that cost soooo much more? :wink:

Such as?

WOW ! Are you sure gonna help me solve them ? Thank you so much in advance (Y)

And there are some other issues aswell…Like…

While working on a mix CD like the one below, i get two errors…

  1. When i find accurate tempo of a track & after doing that if i set the vertical scroll bar at the start point of that track & after that if i enter a desired BPM amount on “transport”, the scroll bar moves automatically from the start point of that track. That shouldn’t move from the track start position automatically.

  2. After time stretching if i zoom fully at the end of the audio waveform, i get inaccuracies ! Though its really minor inaccuracies but for i precise result of audio timestretch i don’t expect such results.

While you save a project completely zooming out, and when you next time reopen the project the full zoom out view is changed a bit.

And i can’t remember some others at the moment.

Hi Hemansu -

Not sure I can help, only observe.

  1. Hard to follow this one. Does it suggest anywhere that the buttons should highlight?

  2. Obviously I don’t know your exact circumstances but here midi notes seem to cut and delete correctly.

  3. Agreed! This is obviously wrong. But it only seems to happen in sample editor mode, which I don’t normally use. In part editor or project editor the waveforms stretch all the way out to sample level as you would expect.

As to your other points, I’m afraid they’re all a bit too deep for me. I’m basically a simple soul writing simple music!

6.0.7 is apparently the end of the line, so we either have to live with the bugs/shortcomings/design miscalculations or else upgrade, the latter being something which I do not ever propose doing.

CE7 uses a soft e-license which won’t overwrite anything on the Dongle.

I take it that Sale is over. Darn it, why did nobody tell me!?

Actually, I’m sure I received an email from Steinberg advertising a sale a couple of years ago…

Hi Keres,

Its not a suggestion of cubase, its the basic GUI that Cubase developer designed. And those button must highlight ! If something went wrong it should be bug or may be some weird setting in preference. But i think its a bug.

That “note cutting error” is also a bug. I wasn’t experiencing that issue before.

I have few more minor issues & i seriously wanted to upgrade BUT you know what, in C 7 they made HUGE changes in working environment that are not actually necessary (like the new mixer & insert rack etc). Theres no doubt some good features they added but why they changed the classic Cubase GUI ? Thats why i don’t want to work with C 7 instead i want to upgrade to C 6.5.5.

I also contacted Cubase support for this GUI thing in C 7 but they said, most users have no problem with new GUI changes ! And just look what this guy saying…

I think Steinberg should get inspiration from few guys like me who actually cares a lot & believe in precision.

Anyway, i’m gonna stick with c6 till i get something really classy.

LOL…I received “Steinberg roses” on 14th Feb in my inbox :slight_smile:


sniff Steinberg doesn’t love me.

LOL !..could be, could be :wink: Its all about game of love :wink:

Thanks man for lol moment (Y)