Needing help with sync-ing Cubase 9 and Protools

Hi all,

I’m trying to synchronize Cubase and Protools, using Protools as a video slave for my projects. I’ve spent hours trying it set it up but so far have no luck. Would really appreciate it if someone can give me some help on what to do.

I am trying to use ipMIDI as a virtual MIDI port connection (via ethernet cable):

First, I did this to Cubase:

Project Synchronization Setup
-Internal Timecode

-Machine Control Output Destination
+MC Master Active (checked)
+MMC Input: ipMIDI Port 1
+MMC Output: ipMIDI Port 1
+MMC Device ID: 126
+Number of Audio Tracks: 2

-MIDI Timecode Destinations
+ipMIDI Port 1 (checked)

And I did this to Protools:

+MTC Reader Port: ipMIDI, Port 1

-MIDI Machine Control Remote (Slave)
+Enable (checked)
+ID: 126

After that, I turned on external sync in Cubase, and the clock button in Protools (and it’s blinking). And I started playing in Cubase, but nothing happened. Does anyone know what I should’ve done differently? Thanks in advance.

Now first of all, if Cubase is supposed to be the MTC master and ProTools the slave, you should not set Cubase to external sync.
Make sure the framerates match, and the two projects are within the same timecode range.