Needing USB and Firewire info

Somewhere I had read that the USB will only record stereo left and right channels. Is that correct? If so you can not record more than those two?

Does FIrewire give you the ability of recording more channels? ie 16 simultaneously.

I have the Yamaha MG166-usb and am only able to get it to record two channels at once. I was wondering if I was to get an interface if I would be able to record more if it was firewire?

I am new to doing recording in this manner and trying the best I can to get a grasp on things.

Thank you for your time and responses.


Forgot to mention I am using Cubase AI4 that came with the mixer.

USB 1 and 1.1 is very limited and usually is restricted to 2 in 2 out only.

USB 2 if far better and supports multi in/out and can do 16 channels

Firewire is also capable of multi IO but can have problems with the Computers Firewire chipset if not chosen carefully.

I have USB 2. Now I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. Like I said I can only get the left and right channels output. I setup Cubase AI4 inputs as multible mono inputs and still only get the left and right signals.

Your probably not doing anything wrong, the Yamaha mixer is probably USB 1.1 and only able to send out a stereo from the mix bus. ie, it cannot send individual channels to the computer.

Indeed, I just checked the manual for you and the Yamaha MG166-usb is a USB 1.1 device and only supports 2 in 2 out 16bit. Thats it. It doesn’t even have a proper ASIO driver.

Thanks for the info. I was about the check on the mixer specs for that. Thanks again for saving me the time. I appreciate the help.