Negative Delay First Note Issue

Just wanted to bring up a minor issue. If there’s a fix, great, if not, no worries.

Negative delay is really helpful for getting different libraries to line up nicely. I’m just finding that the first note of playback doesn’t get this negative delay applied. It seems like having a pre-roll time would fix this but it didn’t for me.

There is a known issue with audio export where the first two 16th notes might get placed wrongly or not exported at all, but never heard of such problem during playback.
It would be good to have an example project, which exhibits that behaviour? Maybe you could take the project you have, delete everything after the first bar and then post it here (after zipping it up). Thanks

Negative Delay (1.3 MB)
I’m not seeing this issue in one particular project, I’m seeing it in every single project that uses negative delay, every time I push play, regardless of where I start. The downbeat of wherever playback starts does not get delayed like all the others. In this case, Clarinet 1 speaks late, so a negative delay fixes that, for all notes except the first.

Yes, this is a known limitation of the per-switch delay feature in expression maps at the moment. It’s something we hope to improve in future.


Thanks Daniel!