Negative Latency possible? Why?

Hi all,

I was just for fun trying to test the latency of my external gear. to be able to set the controllers correspondingly.
I made a simple setup, 3 tracks sending MIDI to the instruments, 3 audio-tracks recording the signal.

Amazing for me is that the Audio signal, when recorded like that, got recorded BEFORE the MIDI note played…
Well to be precise, this seems to happen only for 2 of 3 external instruments.
Aehmmm, I always knew Cubase was good, but that it was a “Fortune-teller” is new…
(“Constrain Delay Compensation” does not change anything…)
Any explanation?

P.S: When freezing or exporting AudioTracks I never noticed any negative-delay, only when recording it this way…
see the attached screenshot where the phenomenon is shown…

Sometimes it helps to check the “use system timestamp” box, in case it’s “MIDI latency” (here’s an article that talks about that a little bit: ). I don’t know if that’s the case in your situation, but it’s easy enough to undo if it’s not the ticket.

Did you try deactivating or experimenting with the “Adjust for Record Latency” option?

thx, just checked that and it’s anyway set to 0 samples, but didn’t change anything… audio is still coming “before” MIDI Note :wink: