"Negative" music

Hi, i’d like to ear the negative of the sound. Is there a possiblity to invert sound ? Like if there was no sound i can ear white noise and if there is noise there will be no sound… I’d like to ear what there is not in the original sound. Just to make like negative on picture with photoshop. Is there a possibility ?


Sound is already positive and negative. Each oscillation fluctuates between a maximum positive value and a maximum negative value. The average of sounds is zero. In former times there were so-called speech inverters or scramblers. If that’s what you mean?

Interesting question, that must be tried. I guess it depends on negative in relation to what.

Hum is right that sound is opposite to zero in the time domain, but in frequency domain your proposed white noise could be seen as opposite to no sound. I will suggest pink noise due to the logarithmic behaviour of the human ear.

The SPL6 function Process/Imprint/Cast will do the job when imprinting the source signal to a noise signal.

So how does it sound? Well, a bit noisy :slight_smile: For speech, most of the rhythmic information is maintained, but speech intelligibility is very bad. For pure singing some kind of pitch information is maintain, although the pitch seems to be shifted down four or five quartertones (at least in my example). Maybe loaded heavy rock will work better, I haven’t tried yet.

But it was a good opportunity to investigate the behaviour of FFT size, resolution, margin etc. especially when you combine the different results made with the same noise signal in reverse phase. But the last is more the Mold function than negative music.

Best regards Egebjerg

This is really strange idea. I can image that it will have use. but Your description of what is “negative” is strange. Logical would be use something like FFT based waveform generation kind of like vocoder with inverted behaviour of band synthesis, because sound has more than volume dimmension. - If You just want to have volume dimmension - You can use side chained compressor which will create Level based cross fader between Your audio and 2nd track with whatever you want to be inverted sound. But it competely miss frequency spectrum inversion - This would be maybe possible with extremely hard coding of something like Halion 6 wavetable editor, where You can draw waveform as spectrum.