NEK for Nuendo 7

I bought today a NEK extension.
Activated on iLicencer
Few features (chord track e.g.) appeared imm. Retrologue, and the drums are not here.
When downloading the Retrologue and installing by myself, I got a message saying that I don’t have the licence for it.
Didn’t received any download link…
Did I missed something ?

Nuendo 7.1.20 - Windows 10


Hello AlexClaude,

the license for the NEK 7 allows you to use Retrologue 1, not Retrologue 2 since this was released after Nuendo 7. Probably that is why you can not find/use Retrologue with your current license.

Please download and install Retrologue 1 from here:

You will have to uninstall Retrologue 2 for this to work.

Hope this helps!

Having a similar problem. I don’t see Retrolougue and I don’t see Groove Agent SE available in VST instruments. Also, all of the score editor functions are still grayed out. Did you get your NEK fully working? I haven’t yet.