Nektar Impact LX25+

Could you help me to integrate Nektar Impact LX25+ with Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 11 / 64 bit ?
I have tried as recommanded on the both sites (Nektar and Steinberg) but Cubase Pro 12 does not recognize Impact LX25+
Imposible to find and import the script file, etc etc
Would much appreciate yr help
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As far as I know, Nektar is using own component, not the MIDI Remote API.

Hi Axamar,

I have a Nektar GXP88. On logging on to the Nektar site & registering my equipment, the available software & import scripts for the device were presented. That’s how I was able to download the Cubase import script. Works perfectly.

Hopefully it will be the same process for the LX25.

Using a Nektar Panorama P1. Initially worked fine but a Cubase upgrade (maybe 11?) broke it. Then, voila!, with Cubase 12 all was restored. I have no idea what changed but there’s definitely something going on between Cubase and Nektar.