Nektar P1 Controller users, please post -- Can't "Add Device" in Studio Setup

Hello. Nektar P1 Controller appears in “Add Device” list but will not add in Cubase 12. Uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, support files for steinberg etc. Nothing. P1 works as a generic device but its full functionality can’t be used because Cubase will not add it from Studio Setup > Add Device. All help appreciated.

Nektar provides the driver for that, so that’s the direction to look for fixing this.

Thanks, @steve . Working on it. No solution yet.

To update: Nektar Tech so far is stumped. I am still stumped. It was working perfectly in Cubase 11 and also after my upgrade to Cubase 12. No combination of deleting and installing either audio drivers or Nektar drivers helps. It appears in the “Add Device” list in Cubase > Studio Setup but clicking on it does nothing so I cannot complete the configuration. The Nektar driver seems to be working fine - I can use it as a generic MIDI device - but the Steinberg functionality is just gone. If a solution is found, or functionality is restored, I will post.

Hm. Have you seen any other Windows users reporting this error, or reporting that it does work?

The Nektar P1 is pretty popular, so if someone here can post that they do or don’t have it working correctly, we can begin to infer what the problem might be, especially if it’s local to your machine.

Hi @steve. I’m pretty sure it’s local to my machine. It was working fine in Cubase Pro 11 AND after upgrading to 12. It’s almost like their Steinberg support .dll just ceased functioning or is being blocked somehow. I am going to try to install the Steinberg support .dll once again but this time as admin. It’s just about the only thing left that I have not done.

No success. I’ll keep thinking about it but I have basically given up. I can still use the P1 as a generic MIDI controller and that’s what I’ll do.

So I own the P4 and have been using it with 12 with no issues.

Lately, though, I have been curious if it would be even better to use it as a Generic Controller with the new Midi Remote. I realize this way you would lose a lot of the visual feedback from the Panorama LCD screen but wonder if it would be worth it for the flexibility.

Have you set up the P1 with the Midi Remote?

Hello @peAk - I have not attempted this yet. After reading your suggestion I looked it up in the manual and will attempt this soon. I have no idea if there are scripts for the P1 (or the P4) available already - that would be great - but I’ll look into creating my own. Thanks for the suggestion.

A guy on YouTube that has a Cubase channel called “tutorial[ism]“ has a P1 and he’s running it as a generic controller using Midi Remote. He likes it better this way and explains it in one of the videos.

Might be the best way to go because I don’t believe Nektar is going to continue to update. Although their integrated software still runs fairly well, eventually it probably won’t. The last update for the P4 was 2020

@peAk I will look for that.

Yes! Here it is:

@peAk - In attempting this I am finding that I cannot add some buttons - I believe the Nektar driver might already occupy those “spaces” or functions somehow. So I am assuming that I must uninstall all of the Nektar drivers etc. before creating my own MidiRemote in Cubase 12. The weird thing is (well one of the weird things anyway) is that the Nektar Midi controller editor (Control Edit) works just fine. The search continues.

Interesting and I am glad you continue to update this thread.

My original thought was to uninstall the Nektar Cubase software so that when I launch Cubase, it still stays on the internal screen. Currently when I launch Cubase, the Nektar screen shows Cubase and has all the integrated stuff set up.

My thought is once Cubase is launched and P4 stays on Internal, that all the controller features are available. Maybe I am wrong about that, though? I know the P1 and P4 are not exactly the same. Like I’m not sure what would happen when you are set up on internal and hit the vst button on the controller, does that give you the ability to use all those controls independently like it does on the Integrated software?

@peAk , @steve AHA! With the recent Cubase update 12.0.52 my Panorama P1 is suddenly back! Apparently there was a problem with MIDI controller handling. I am amazed that this has been fixed! Thanks (finally) Steinberg!

Ahh man, good to hear

Mine had stopped working for a period there as well. I forgot about your issue until reading it again here today. It just wouldnt launch with Cubase, it would stay on internal

I thought it was a midi port issue at the time

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