Nektar Pacer Midi Foot COntroller

HI, I am using Cubase Pro 10.5 and just got a Nektar Pacer Foot Controller. I updated the firm ware and CUbase is seeing the controller in Midi Ports but I am having trouble getting it to talk to to Cubase. ANyone have this Foot Controller and if so, how did you add the device, as a General Controller or Mackie? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.



I just bought the same Nektar Pacer Foot Controller myself. I am new to this myself. But this is what I have done.
I downloaded the (Pacer Firmware update) from Nektar’s download page. Then followed the instructions. (It updated perfectly)
I downloaded the (Pacer_Steinberg_support_Win installer) from Nektar’s download page. Then follow the instructions. (All the basic functions worked except the (Mute) and (Solo). It took some time, but I found that going to the (Studio Setup) and under (Remote Devices) select (Nektar Pacer) then on (Smart Switch Delay) I selected (Long). After that the (Mute) and (Solo) worked.

I know, you must have solved your problem by now, but maybe this might help someone in the future.