Just happened to hop on the Nektar website and discovered that just yesterday (03/20/2015) they quietly released an update to the firmware and driver for the Panorama series and Cubase!! Pleasantly surprised and completely unexpected yet extremely welcomed. Will be installing and testing it out over the next few days.

They even included a PDF Guide for using Cubase and the Panorama series boards which compiles pretty much everything from the website and some extras which is also very welcomed.

Hope this helps out anyone who was having issues.
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.30.30 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.24.01 AM.png


I can’t find a changelog anywhere so not sure what was fixed/changed.

I haven’t had any issues other than the issue where you select a track with your mouse outwith the 8 that are in the controller selection view not automatically giving you control of it. That issues still exists. Thankfully pressing track + then - fixes it, but still, it would be nice to get fixed one day as i’m forever jumping around mixes with the mouse rather than just using the Track +/- buttons.

I noticed a new feature though. An abbreviation of the track name now shows below the mixer channels on the hardware which is cool.

Releasing a driver update on Mars 20, 2015 that does not support OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)? Come on!

Thanks Aura.

[My high school friends had a band named Aura.]

Just got this from Nektar on their facebook page.

“This release contains some new plugin maps, support for NI products that update dynamically (Including Kontakt, Machine 2 and Reaktor), fix of a VEP5 latency issue and a few additional bugs that I don’t have the list of right now. The update is interim and there is a further update coming in 2 weeks. We just posted this one because it soles several problems some users have had and also resolves the installation problem with Cubase 8. So more information from us when the next release is ready in a couple of weeks.”

I thought I would update this thread, as I know some of you guys have C9. I looked for the Panorama in C9 and found it was not there. So I went to their site and was told to download firmware, reinstall, etc. The process was different to last time and I did not end up where I should do.
I never find this stuff easy, at one point your asked to hold f6 and f11, whilst ‘immediately’ holding down patch plus and patch minus - ( is it also compulsory also to stand on one leg and have a parrot on your shoulder?)

I have not the foggiest how to check whether my P1 is working as it should. as I have never mastered the obscurities.

There are some warnings on the site about C9 too.

Has anyone got this working?