Nektar Panorama P4 Midi remote script for Cubase 12x

Hi… Has anyone built a script for the Nektar P4? I am asking because Cubase 12 broke the Nektar’s Halion’s browse preset feature and Nektar is not releasing a fix. Thanks

I’ve not used a Nektar P4 but is the browse preset feature one that grabs the patch names from the VSTi and then display them on the P4 for selection?

That is what the Nektar P4 manual suggests to me, and your other thread where you reported the issue.
If that is the case I’m not sure if MIDI Remote can do what you are seeking. At this stage of my development even with Scripting I’ve not seen anything related to patches being read from a VSTi. You can definitely open the VSTi editor and control the QC for the VSTi. It may be another variable I’ve not noticed yet and I’ll let you know if I find one. @Jochen_Trappe might be able to tell use definitively.

In any event, even if it isn’t supported it would be a great feature to add!

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Thanks for the reply… Cubase 11 was great with the Nektar… All features worked as advertised. I can’t make it work with 12 so today I broke out some old CMC controllers and used the AI one to navigate the Halion browser… The AI controller does what I need so I’m happy now… Not really sure I want the P4 anymore as between the CMCs and the Avid Artist controllers I really don’t need a midi keyboard with all the controller features anymore.

Thanks again for posting

Pretty frustrating when things no longer play nice. Looks like the P4 integration with its plugin ran pretty deep with C11.

You can definitely get an AI knob running with MIDI Remote (“ValueUnderMouse”). If the P4 sends a CC event, preferably an endless encoder style then you could map that and do what you are doing with the CMC AI controller.

“Avid Artist” - ahh, yes, lovely kit and Eucon is nice. I have EUCON control on my iPad but my hobby music doesn’t justfy an Avid Artist. I picked up a used Icon Platform M+ at more my budget and it’s doing me just fine. Even more so with MIDI remote as I can make the integration much tighter than MCU.

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Glad to hear the Icon is working out well. Artist series (at the the Mix and Control) units are so cheap right now its actually a little sad considering how powerful they are. I considered swapping the Control out for an Avid Dock but considering the price of the bloody thing to start with plus having to add another device into the mix (tablet) I thought the hell with it. I’ll stick with the Artist stuff until it starts dying.