Nerium - Trailer Piece

Hello again, a short 1:30 piece for a client. The music is for a Team NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) that compete in videogames professionally. This specific trailer will be for a first-person shooter for their teams introduction video. The music had to sound mysterious and ninjaish but also have some electronic hints at an urban modern warfare environment delivered in the short trailer genre.

Once again it’s missing things, particularly choir in the 2nd section but hopefully I can upgrade C6 to the full version after this lol.

Thankyou for your time.

Excellent, you are really good at this. Thanks for posting it.

This is really good…hope you make lots of money, Kevin

being an occasional gamer myself this is the kind of thing that i’d come to expect, you say you have more work to do on it and if you can make it better then by all means do it but it may not be missing that much by the time the game sound fx are added, you know, the sound of swords clash as two ninjas fight it out or if there are any voice overs also,

will this game be avalible on xbox, i’ll look out for it :slight_smile:

Very cinematic! :slight_smile: Very well crafted :sunglasses:

Thanks guys ^^ It’s not for an actual game, it’s for a first-person shooter team’s trailer that will introduce the team on a big screen at the competition stadium. Dreamhack is a big LAN event thing where there are lots of PC computer stuff. Never been myself and doubt I ever would but still pretty cool xP