Nested tuplets?

I’m working with a midi piece converted from MuseScore. The is The Planets symphony by Gustav Holst. It’s a doozy as far as classical notation goes. I’ve not much need to fix up clefs and display quantization, as I can usually just browse the rhythmic notation for the landmarks I need to identify to apply articulations. However, there are some times and places where you would want to clear things up a bit.

I ran into an issue where Cubase sends up a message saying that it “Can’t handle nested tuplets”.

The bar in question is 6/8 and there are two tuplets of four notes there. There’s no way Cubase will create two tuplets, so I’ve simply created one tuplet of eight. It works, but it’s not ideal.

This seems to me to be a longstanding issue from what a Google search shows. If so, is this something that would be a future feature - or is this something we just have to live with?

Is this what you want to achieve?


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That’s not bad - and I should try that just to get a handle on things. I’m a neophyte here. I was trying to do just the quantize on the existing midi notes for display here.

What setting do you use in order to enter the notes the way you illustrate?