Netbook and LE

Hi, I am just about to buy a little Netbook. Mainly for email and web stuff on the move etc but want to have a little of my DAW arsenal with me if I can. It’s only a cheap HP job with the following spec: Intel Atom N2800, Processor speed 2.13GHz., 1Gb DDR3 RAM, &320GB SATA hard drive. I have Cubase 6 and Studio 4 and a Windows XP/2000 edition of LE. I would like to try and get the LE loaded on to it. Will it still work with Win 7? I know I can use Studio 4 on it but I didn’t want to use/loose my dongle therefore I thought LE would do the job. Alternatively is there a free/cheap LE version out there that will do the trick. I was thinking for tweaking mixes on the go etc.

Anyone have any thoughts or sugestions?



Seeing as one of the main drawbacks with netbooks in general is the crappy audio, I suggest you look around for a small USB audio interface that comes bundled with LE (you can’t buy LE separately) as this will also give you ASIO support. As for the spec, it should be fine for noodling around as long as you don’t use too many CPU-intensive effects.

If you don’t want anything hanging out of the netbook when travelling, you could try ASIO4All; as you’ll most likely not be recording any soft synths in realtime while travelling, latency shouldn’t be a problem, and setting a higher latency will also help lower the burden on the CPU.

I’ve used LE5 usefully on as little as a P4/512MB, but don’t expect to be using any convolution reverbs! It’s fine for doing MIDI arrangements using just HALion One sounds; I turn off the reverbs on the individual patches and instead use a single send with one instance of Roomworks SE.

Nice one, thanks for that.

At the moment there are some nice upgrade offers … I find the combination Cubase 6 on the desktop with Cubase 6 Elements on the laptop and Cubase 6 LE on the netbook quite useful because I can interchange simple projects quite quickly; this wasn’t always possible, but now I can even open a (full) Cubase 6 project in the other two assuming I stick to only the common features, but it’s great for noodling around!

I’m thinking your Studio 4 would be a good candidate (but then you would still need a dongle for the netbook; Cubase 6 Elements uses a soft eLicenser) – and there’s also a half-price upgrade from the WaveLab 7 Elements trial you got with Cubase 6.