Network licensing

Will there be a network licence of Dorico? I’m happy installing a licence server for software to run a particular number of users (as long as it works and is understandable - FlexLM, for instance, seems to fail on both these counts quite often) so that they can run the software wherever they need to. This often starts with a single purchase, so not having a minimum number of seats would be helpful, and being able to check out a licence for offline use is also good.



Nope elicenser only. 1 usb key = 1 license
Students can probably buy thier own personal student license though.

At present there is no network license for any Steinberg product, but I would certainly not rule it out for the future, since many of our products are already widely used in educational institutions, and we have had many requests for it over the years.

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has there been any progress on this?
Ableton is using Sassafras. Now Steinberg even abandoned Dongles and we are left with a non-mass deployable Activation Center that doesnt really work for rollouts.

Welcome to the forum, @ITDDMINN. We do not have network licensing available as yet, but we do have a guide to help you deploy products using Steinberg Licensing on your network:

That’s neat. Thanks!

Would still be good to have the ability for floating network licenses. Easiest way to deal with multiseat software imo.


Yes, we agree that floating licenses are necessary, and they are in our plans, but I can’t say right now when they will be available.

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