Neuman U 87i or Neumann U 47 Fet

Hi there!

I’m recently looking for a good Vocalmic (main purpose, but other things are also to be recorded, like amps, guitarrs, straight up basses, etc. Jazz all over.) and i found a website where you can purcase a diy replica from these two classics. I already have use a replica version of the U 87 i alot, but it’s not mine. So i want to buy my own. The thing is: for the same price i could buy a U 47 Fet diy replica. Is it ok for vocals? I’ve heard some examples, but i really want some other opinions. Does anyone here own a U 47 Fet and can write a bit about it?

Cheers, Tomess

I have U47 fets, U87s, and TLM-170s

My Main Vocal setup (and preference) is to use the TLM-170 for the higher vocals and the U47 for my bass singer.

In our 7-Voice (lots of Jazz chords), you can hear what I mean on our website
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  1. the U87, good overall utility mic. I have used the 87s for vocals, drum over-heads, Strings, Brass, percussion, Harp, you name it. Nice warm tone, very flexible.

  2. the U47, I have use it for Trumpets (most faithful image of a trumpet with the least processing of the mics I have), cello & upright Bass (NICE!), Bass Vocal, Toms, Kick, Tympany !!! I tend to use it mostly on the lower pitched instruments due to the limited mic selection here, it allows me to use the other mics I have in more appropriate places. You could use the U47 for the same things you would use a U87 for, it can be as flexible as the U87. I feel like it shines by giving a smother Richer Low end.

  3. But… I still prefer the TLM-170. Since it is a newer mic, the technology used gives the mic a cleaner more transparent High End. I use it for the girls and tenor vocals. Strings, drum overheads, Harp, Woodwinds, Acoustic Guitar !!!, Piano. It is by far my favorite mic to use over all (that we own). Cleaner, louder, more defined high end (without being harsh).

Hope this helps,

Hey Brain!

Thanks alot for your post! Since there is no diy version of the TLM 170, i think i will go with the U 47 Fet based on what you wrote. It will sound a little different they say, because they use some different parts like styroflex capacitors and cinemag transformers, which aren’t used in the original version.

Greets, Tomess

You can consider buying the Neumann M149 and get it over and done with

It’s expensive but then you never have to look at U47 or U87 again…