I have a since this day a trial version of the add-on:
Neuro Mindset by Rawtekk.

When i use this add-on, Cubase says that it will expired on 3 hours. Weird, cause this is a 30 days trial version.

Any one a commend about this?

Just continue using it, it’s probably reading that from your “All Application” license in your eLicenser.

But i can’t used this add-on to Cubase.
If i use one of the instrument Cubase have a “hanging” or loading problem.

This is the first trial add-on that i have a problem with.
My other add-ons works always fine.

Any solutions?

Make sure you’re using the latest update for the version of Groove Agent you have.

Groove Agent SE 4 (the one that comes with Cubase):

Groove Agent 4 (full version):

Thanks Romantique Tp,

Problem solved. I forgot this update.
Is their a way that all the updates goes automatic in Cubase?