Neutron reports wrong latency in Cubase after closing session

Just curious if anyone can replicate this:

When I use Neutron 4 on a track (for instance kick) with the Sculptor in use, cubase reports something like 60ms latency compensation on the Cubase mixer.
When I close the session and open it again I notice the timing of the kick is wrong. The reported latency compensation is now something like 10 ms on the kick channel. If I bypass Neutron and activate it again the latency jumps to the correct 60ms value and it sounds ok again.

I have reported to Izotope and sent session files but got to date no satisfactory answer.

It is quite annoying because I have to search al instances off Neutron 4 after opening a session and turn them on and off before I can start working. Making a quick change before bounce and forgetting that screw up the timing of the session.

This value is reported by Neutron, Cubase just sets it for the compensation and displays it.
I’m afraid you need to wait until Izotope fixes it.

Oh yes its probably something Izotope should fix, its just that I wonder whether I am the only one having this issue or that other just havent noticed it yet…