neve plugins from steinberg

i found this today!

He found that two days ago - use the search function…

It would be nice to see Steinberg include some higher-end plugs in C5. Even nicer to switch the whole mixer into Neve console emulation mode :wink:


yes we really should have the neve VSTm plugin possible in Cubase by now…VSTm = virtual mixer console emulation, with Neve eq as standard and Neve mixer graphics instead of the “Steinberg” eq and graphics…

i should be able to buy the SSL VSTm plugin and turn my Cubase mixer into and SSL mixer, with graphics, SSL summing buss, EQ etc…

If Steinberg did VSTm they would have a huge leg up.

I don’t think I’ve ever understood this argument. You can already completely plug your own channel strip. Is embedding a VST strip GUI in place of the existing strip earth shattering? I don’t see it. It’s cosmetic at best without providing any functionality or convenience that isn’t already in place. I already have a track template that I use to create tracks that are UAD SSL and Neve busses.

I dunno, I think being able to see all eq settings at the same time in the mixer is quite handy…

Why can’t you see all the mixer settings? I can. I’m not trying to start a flame war by the way. I truly don’t get what makes this more than just a minor tweak at best.

It was the “Even nicer to switch the whole mixer into Neve console emulation mode” that appealed to me, having to open separate windows for each plug is a pain…

I think there’s a difference between what you can do with inserts and truly emulating a console. I know that Slate tries to emulate a console by having you place inserts on all channels and the master. And they impart some sort of subtle voodoo harmonic thises and thats to the sound. But ultimately all of the summing, etc. is done by the host, so they can only try to color the sound.

You can surely emulate a single box, like an EQ, with inserts. But I think it would be really interesting to model the analog summing, etc. as well.

Also, from a convenience factor it would be nice to just switch on or off “Neve mode” in the console rather than dealing with individual plugs on all of your tracks.

I think what UAD and few others do with the channel strips is exactly what you describe. It’s an end to end channel simulation/emulation/sampulation :slight_smile:

Yes you can emulate a channel strip. But can you emulate the summing buss?

Plus UAD is pricey and x86 only. (yea they have an x64 driver but not the plugs yet)

Ah, sorry I misunderstood your previous point. So, if you had the ability to change the summing algo of the entire mixer, I can see where that might be interesting. But, that is a bit different than the original post idea of swapping the track eq out for xxx brand eq.

Plus UAD is pricey and x86 only. (yea they have an x64 driver but not the plugs yet)

Price isn’t really relevant, and I’m not sure why 32 vs 64 is in the conversation either. We were discussing the merits of swapping out EQs for the channel EQ. I just brought up the UAD channel strips because that’s what I use most. You could just “insert your strip of choice here” to have the same conversation.

So, if we are talking about an entire swap out of the mix buss … hmm. Interesting concept.

Can you imagine the debate if the summing buss became anything but transparent!

If you want colour there’s inserts for your plugins of choice.

Yea, I’m talking everything–the whole mixer. But to make it complete, the default channel strip behavior should also change.

But they could also model in channel cross-talk and things that aren’t possible in traditional insert plugins.