Never Any Audio In Export Mixdown - WHY WHY WHY??

I’m so !@%$%%$%&& tired of this! I check every possible setting but the file always has no audio. MP3 or Wave. Why is this so hard to do in a $500 program?

Take it one step at a time, and don’t forget to breathe. :smiley:

How about a screen shot of your audio mixdown window? Maybe we can get to the bottom of this before you have a cow, man (or worse!) :wink:

Seems to be no problem for the majority of the users in and outside of the forums. So certainly it can’t be so hard.
Disable input monitors or record ready maybe? Hard to tell with no useful information.

from memory, when the export window opens, you need to check the buss/channels you are mixing to. They sometimes seem to be unchecked by default.

Where are your locators? They need to be at start and end of the section you want to mix down. You’ve probably got that sussed, but I remember my puzzlement that I had to do this when I did my first mixdown.

Also - check that the tracks you are exporting aren’t set to ‘monitor’ - this can prevent the audio from being output!

As said already…

As written several times now already: disable input monitors, and best make sure, tracks are not record enabled. and check your preferences, so selectd tracks don’ t get record enabled automatically.

When you play the track in Cubase, do you actually see the meters responding in the final output channel?

ITs hard to see did you set the left and right locators over region you are export? If whole song then set to the bounds of the song (plus any tail reverb)

To be safe turn off input monitoring (yellow speaker icon) before exporting and make sure the output signal is indeed send to your ‘speakers’ output and not your ‘phones’?

I’m sensing a theme here :laughing:

I would check the name of the folder you are trying to write the file into.
It looks a bit dodgy to me!!!

Hi all

I know for a fact that if record is enabled, the export will NOT work for that track, I even have a macro for export audio which automatically disables any record enable buttons. I can at least see on the OP’s pic that the main backtrack is record enabled so…

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In general record enabled tracks will export. It is just with some monitoring preferences that enable input monitoring on record that switch those tracks to input on non-realtime export.

In my experience, tracks will export with input monitoring and record enabled. Rechecked just last night.

Make sure your Stereo Out level is set as high as possible without clipping.

Yes, with realtime export, but not with non realtime export.

Turn the loop or locators on.