Never mind: idiot moment.

Did I miss something? I thought 7.06 was announced to be released this week. But, now the announcement says “by beginning of Oct”

I am confused … nothing unusual there actually

No, I don’t think you missed anything. I guess they just pushed back the delivery date.


on helge’s announcement i still see september 19 !
few minutes ago the steinbergs site had required user and password to enter ? what’s going on at steinburg ? :unamused:
Edit: it says cubase elements etc… at the beginning of october , cubase 7 september 19 !!!

The 7.0.6 update for Cubase 7 / Cubase Artist 7 will be available from > September 19, 2013 > on as a free download. For Cubase Elements 7 / Cubase AI 7 and Cubase LE 7 the update will be available by begin of October, 2013.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

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ah, my bad … sorry about that