never trust CTRL+S

spent 4 hours yesterday on a mix. hit ctrl+s for at least 10 times during the remainder of the project.

when i existed the software even though i had just hit ctrl+s it still asked me “Do You want to save any changes” so naturally I click no - because I saved just a minute before (so i thought)

today, nothing was saved. no .bak files, no nothing. im back to the project i started with the day before.
4 hours of work gone, even though i hit ctrl+s SEVERAL times.

i mean, im so fed up with this .

Can’t say it has happened to me, but just for my own piece of mind I always use Ctrl/Cmd-Alt-S.
That way I can see the Project/revision number change, and can be relatively sure it is saved.
Takes a little cleanup from time to time, but imho well worth it.