Neverending story: some projects crash on loading

Hi guys,

As long time Nuendo user, this is an issue that I’ve been suffering for a long time and it’s still around. Sometimes I have sessions crashing on loading. The funny thing is that those sessions have been opened with no issues before and the reported crashing plugin are not always the same, so it’s absolutely random.

Sometimes I can open it with some buffer combination, sometimes taking a plugin out of VST, but that’s unbearable.

I can’t understand why in Nuendo 11, with Atmos support, whistles and bells, we have to suffer that. Furthermore, I’ve reported that a few times with no luck. This situation makes me feel unsecured before a session, and I use to leave a hour between sessions just “to open the last project”.

For instance, this issue happened to me the last week twice.

I’ve reported this issue a few times with no luck at all. I hope Steinberg does something about this eventually.



When you say that you have been suffering from this for a long time do you mean before Nuendo-11? This may indicate that the issue is not tied to a particular Nuendo version but could be a drive or memory problem outside Nuendo. I am certainly not experiencing what you are suffering.

I would love that my issue is related to a faulting memory or drive, but in 10 years I’ve been using two different Mac Pros, two MacBook Pros, two hackintosh and the new MacBook Pro M1 and it happens. It’s not like “everyday”, it’s more a random issue, but I have to prevent it happening before a client shows up at the studio.

Regarding all this, I’ve decided to give a Reaper a try. It’s not like I’m thinking to stop using Nuendo/Cubase, but maybe I can mix in another more trustable DAW. So far, Reaper is like climbing the Everest without equipment and very counter-intuitive. Furthermore, I’m a Nuendo user for almost 20 years now now, so any change has to be painful.

yeah this would be troubling to me as well. I’m starting to wonder If Nuendo/Cubase on Mac is just not as stable in the way that it could be, because a lot of the bigger reported issues seem to be happening on Mac. If you had a hackintosh maybe worth trying it on PC. We don’t suffer that problem on our End with 3 Nuendo’s on PCs. For us its the occasional corrupted sessions that freaks me out from time to time, mostly happened on a earlier iteration of DOP when it was very new, much better now, but still happens from time to time that has be scratching my head. I usually can go back to an earlier BAK file to save the project or re-import tracks from track archives etc. to find the problem. Really that would be my biggest issue with Steinberg sessions so far, otherwise everything else is great, minus always the few extra bugs and tweaks that can continue to be made. Hope you find a solution

Oh are you running Music related sessions with Large samples libraries? This is what I would suspect the most likely culprit of loading problems especially if large sessions.

And are you always using an OLD template that you created from previous versions of Cubase or Nuendo. This can carry corrupted XML data or something of the like I assume so beware, in case also. Might want to update some new templates to try if so.

and of course flushing preferences beforehand as well just to know 100% for sure.

To be honest, I don’t like Windows but I could live it but my setup is very “Mac centric”, including a Apollo Thunderbolt that does not work in Windows and I don’t understand why we are still talking about this kind of issues (and I’m not the only one).

Thanks for the suggestion. This issue happens with large and small sessions, but mostly with the large ones and it’s not related with the use of libraries.

And lately I’ve been reconstructing my settings from the scratch (but the shortcuts), just in case it’s related with that.

no clue, i’ve been using Cubase/Nuendo for like 22 years on PC, served me very well, sucks if its related to OS and they should really investigate it big time.