New 1 chord tune. Cubase 8

Guitar and Bass straight into UR22.
Vocals into SM7.

Drum loop from media bay.

In the Blink of an Eye
Verse 1
My heart is pumping and my pulse is high.
The blood to my brain is in short supply.
It’s putting a squeeze on my juggler vein,
just like a tax on a capital gain.
I can’t get mad but I can get upset.
It’s Kind of how I feel about the national debt.
Before I’m kicked to the proverbial curb
let’s share a bowl of some righteous herb.
And maybe share a bottle of a red wine blend,
before the rest of these thoughts are penned.
If you’ve got no problem with the money supply,
Go ahead and have another piece of the pie.
And when your accounts have gone bone dry.
We’ll both check out in the blink of an eye.

Loved it, thanks for posting! Long time since you shared, glad you’re back!

That would be Jugular vein not juggler vein :wink:

Hey…where ya bin :question: your lyrics are always so good… :mrgreen:


welcome back ,nice stuff, great that Ron Jeremy at the front of the pic lol .

Yeah but with all the soloing he does over many chord changes, he frequently has a lot of balls in the air. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the spelling correction. I once saw a street performer juggling knives and a chainsaw. I told him that if he made a mistake he could accidentally cut his juggler vein.

Thanks for the other comments. It’s good to be back as I’ve been doing a lot of recording and writing this year.

Cool! I like it! :sunglasses:


Yes, that’s great fun and it really swings - you certainly make the drum loop sound good.

I like your combination of whammy bar with chordal playing - you make it sound easy and relaxed and yet everything always sounds in tune and harmonically in line. Great stuff.


Thanks Plectrum