New 5.5.41 maintenance update for VST Connect SE

Dear forum-members,

the new VST Connect 5.5.41 update for VST Connect SE is now available in the
Steinberg Download Assistant.

It ensures that VST Performer’s webcam is now visible when using VST Connect SE
in Cubase Pro 12. Please note that this issue is only relevant for SE.

How to download:
In the Steinberg Download Assistant:
Category: VST Cloud → VST Connect Pro (SE) 5.5.
From there, please download the “VST Connect 5.5.41” installer.



is it the same download for Pro ?

Hello Timo,
So if we just have the SE version that came with Cubase 12 Pro, is this the version we update with?

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Yes exactly. There’s just one installer for Pro/SE, but in this case, it only fixes an issues with SE.

I have specified it a little bit more in detail now. See above.


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