New 6.02 wave form graphics huge improvement

Thank you Steinberg for improving the wave form graphics in 6.02. I thought 6.0 was a step back from 5.5 in this regard and made wave editing of overlaps, etc much more dificult. With the momentary transparency of dragged sections I can again see where I am dropping them. Much better for lining things up. Also less crashes than 6.0.

I’ve found all the changes for the better(and I was really happy with Cubase 5) at a time I’m using it more than I ever have. :sunglasses:

I agree that 6.02 is a step forward compared to 6.0 but I need transparency all the time. I’d like to be able to tell where waveform spikes are in relationship to the grid before I move them…in most cases, this is one of my main indicators of whether or not they need to be moved. PLEASE, bring back (always) transparent events!

I can sort of see that having transparent events means extra work having to redraw the background and then draw the wavewform every refresh.

Now, I don’t know how much of that is handled by the graphics card, but it still may rob some CPU cycles when lots of tracks are involved.

But then again, exactly the same thing is done with the meters, though it may less complex as they are rectangles, and not a scaled random pattern (the computer doesn’t know what value each sample will be).

Just my 5c worth.