New ARA Problem when used with clipgain and crossfades

I had a kind of nightmare test trying to use C11 for an audiobook edit.
There are quite interesting findings, and due to many cuts a sluggish project, which alone is quite a shame.
To the topic of ARA…maybe someone can confirm, before I continue whining…

-Audio file on a track
-set clip Volume to something other than 0dB (say+6dB for this example)
-select a range within the clip and cut at selection (now you have 3 parts)
-put spectral layers on centralpart, do something in spectral layers…
-notice that it still plays fine
-apply crossfade between “non ARA part” and Ara part
-RESULT->ARA part will now pla back with Volume difference of clip gain relative to “non ARA parts” (additional 6dBlouder than before crossfade in this case)


Well, I installed C11 Pro on another machine (Z-420) and confirmed myself what I’d now call a bug.

An even easier Repro:
-Use Clip gain on Audio Part this time -10 dB
-cut Part in half
-use spectral Layers on second part (and actually edit with it)
-create crossfade between the parts

RESULT: ARA part is now playing with -20dB clip gain.

The clip gain is applied twice when crossfading between ARA and non ara part.

How can I report this?