New Artist Series Question

Sorry to bug you guys with this. But it takes weeks to get a response over at the Artist Series Forum plus, the majority are on PT and can’t always answer Nuendo/Cubase questions.

Anyway, I just put the Artist Mix online last night. So now I’ve got an MC Control, Mix & transport working with an Xkeys module giving me my version of 102 smart switches. I’ve had 3 years on the MC, so, I thought the learning curve on the Mix would be pretty simple. But I’m finding a few oddities.

  1. Besides having the channels line up in proper sequence, these units still seem to be separate. If I use the 8 knobs on the MC to do and insert setup, there is NO indication on the Mix that this is happening and vice versa. Is this normal? It seems to me that at least that hardware screens should work in concert.

  2. On the MC, when I select an off-screen channel, the N7 screen updates to show that channel, even though its to the extreme right of the screen. The Mix doesn’t seem to do that. Is that the same experience you guys have with it, you have to update your DAW screen manually with the MIx?

  3. Still getting used to the sequence required to instantiate inserts & FX. Normal Mode and Channel Mode keep confusing me in that sometimes Channel Mode sometimes just comes on, even though I didn’t press the button. Also, Flip mode is kind of spotty in engaging. But that could just be me still making rookie mistakes. So, any tips there would also be appreciated.

  4. Finally, Eucon crashed 3 times while running the sequence tests on instantiating plugins. The MC/Transport was pretty stable before. I rarely had any crashes. Now I’ve had 3 in one night. Is there something I can/need to do in order to make it as stable?


Having a Mix and MC in line, it’s definitely not like that, that manipulations on the MC touch screen or knobs are not copied to the Mix displays. I never missed that so far.

Sorry, no idea

I admit to only rarely use the MC to adress the inserts and I never use the flip mode - I have enough buttons to fine tune the values.
For me, the paning and the QC as well as the adressable touch screen buttons are the major benefits on the MC.

Working with EuControl 3.5 since two days - no crashes so far - use the MC for different applications to switch over - no issues to be reported.


Any other Artist Series Users care to join in? I’d really like to know about your use of combined modules (Mix/Transport, MC/Mix/Transport, Multiple Mix+MC, etc.). That “Config/Paging” concept is lunacy! The only way that’s faster than a mouse/trackball is if you don’t have a mouse/trackball! :laughing:

When I select an offscreen right channel in MC Mix, Nuendo follows.
Watch your confg in Eucon apps, there are some settings about “auto bank to selected track” and “Select by touch”.

  1. You need to practice a bit more to get used to their logic. I admit it is a bit confusing.

Use Eucon 3.5 as it is much faster and working correctly here. No crashes.

Tip for your transport Unit : if you ever want to change the color of the play button to green, you have to select RED in the config panel… Seems to be a bug.

Thanks for the tips. Red, huh? Any particular shade I should select?
I am using 3.5 and the “N7 follow Mix” issue has been resolved. Do you bother with that config mode for plugs and fx? How many units are you using?

I will definitely say this in favor of the Mix. I love being able to follow the channel straight up from fader to the screen. It was always a little annoying having the screen view of the track off to the right in the MC. It’s the same with my desk. But with the meter bridge, somehow it wasn’t a big deal. I guess it was that “one big channel view” thing that was big at the time with all the small format digital mixers.

But now that I’ve added the Mix to the lineup, it’s downright jarring to look at 8 views over 8 faders and then suddenly have the next 4 channels skewed to the right by 8 inches! :open_mouth: It’s like looking at a straw refracted by the light in a glass olf water now, very disturbing! I’ve noticed that I’m consistently banking the the active tracks in to the Mix even though I’m using the controls on the MC to work with that track.

Anybody else have that reaction?