New Audio Drivers Found Every Time I Load Cubase

Every time I start Cubase it detects new audio drivers, which there are no changes. This has been going on for years across several computers. Latest is MacBook Pro M1. Surely I can’t be the only person with this issue? Why Cubase can’t just stick to using main audio interface every time is beyond me. Any suggestions?

Pasted Graphic


I have this too and it’s flippin’ annoying. For me, it occurs whenever I have a Thunderbolt 3 hub plugged into my computer.

The biggest issue for me is—because Cubase/Nuendo asks for this each time—the MIDI timecode ports and the VST System Link ports get reset and I need to reconfigure these each opening.

I recently installed Windows 10 on my Mac to test this and it works as it should every opening. It’s just an issue with Cubase and Macs.

I will also mention I reached out directly to Steinberg Support USA concerning this and, as expected, they pretty much said I was “nuts” and blew me off. Awesome customer service, Steinberg! :+1:

Same here… help?

This happens when you have a virtual audio driver, such as SoundID. Im guessing a new audio device ID is assigned each time time you boot, so it looks like a new device.