New Audio Interface Help decide.


I´m upgrading my current hardware setup for Nuendo 6, and my workflow has grown.
I´ve narrowed down my choices to the RME FIREFACE UFX, the YAMAHA 01v96i, and the UAD APOLLO.
Any tips on this products? I´ll really appreciate some help from someone who as tested/worked whit this devices regarding driver stabillity, Routing, and of course, A/D D/A quality. My main focus is post Production, not recording, I´ll have at max. 5 mics working at the same time. Any advice on other products I didn´t state, is welcome.

Thanks in advance, I really need some guidance here.

Miguel Nunes

RME. Pay more, cry once.


RME for sure. Have tried other interfaces and regretted it. Everyone I know has an RME device.

I recently went from a RME Multiface to the new SSL Alpha-link MX 4:16 + Madixtreme Card Bundle. The sound is amazing and I love MADI. Only negatives for me are that the Madixtreme does not offer Direct Monitoring and even though the latency is very low it’s a pain for recording…I am most likely going to replace the card with a RME HDSPe MADI card but since you’re not recording much the bundle might be sufficient.
Sound quality wise I have not heard anything better, the new alphalink mx converters are truly fantastic and very affordable.

I must check out RME tec Support…
I actually have no experience with them, because in over 13 years of using various RME devices I have not needed any support, repair or sorting out driver probs. Eventhough most of the gear is in use every day.
The RME top-products are amongst the best sounding and the standard devices are still excellent. Why I keep buying and using them? Reliability , longevity, versatility, working drivers and good sound. What more can a studio owner ask for? Sounds like advertisement? Hmm, yes, but should I lie?

Big K

There are very few better sounding products, but you pay dearly for half a percent more…of what?

The Apollo is tempting - but I could not live without rme totalmix

Add my voice to the choir for RME. I have a FF800 that I bought in…2004? Maybe even 2003. It’s STILL my interface. I added a Lynx Aurora for conversion quality, but Totalmix, Digicheck and the overall stability of the driver has kept me using the RME as the interface.

Personally I don’t think the conversion quality hits at the same level as Lynx, Apogee or certainly Lavry, Prism, etc. I doubt there’s any difference in sound quality between the RME and Apollo. Both very good, but, again, under the others. I would probably get an RME PCI card to connect to a Lynx or Apogee. The ADX converters are going so cheap since they were discontinued. Still probably the best sound for the money.