New Auto Quantize mode wanted


Sometimes I have to work very fast and focus on dead lines. Thats why I use Auto Quantize. AQ in Cubase is far from fantastic, it quantize midi event 100% to the grid without taking notice of the Quantize settings in the Q - panel. In Studio One this works very fine, so the AQ uses the setting you want derived from the Q - panel. So if I uses AQ I have to live with midi events fixed to the grid, with no possibility for returning to the “feeling” - if there was any - in the recorded material.
Couldn’t we have an advanced AQ, working more like a “macro”: select the midi part/quantize according to the Q - panel?

Isn’t that what normal quantize does?

Yes! And?

Reading the manual I’d say using all Q settings (from the panel) for AQ is the expected behaviour. So this might even be a bug.

EDIT: I think it is mainly the grafik settings that is ignored. Catch and Swing are considered. The others might not make much sense in conjunction with AQ.

It might be the expected behaviour, but Cubase distinguish it self from other DAW’s - by the ("iterative quantize was the old name I think) the way the quantization is performed. In my set-up I have the key Q set to the soft quantize, meaning that hitting Q will perform a quantization of 80% - moving the event a little closer to the grid and hitting again will now move the event a little closer to the grid, until the 80% quantization is finally on the grid. I know this is mathematically impossible though, but it works! Especially with the color coding of events set to Grid Match. This is how the Q-panel looks, and we are no where near this using Auto Quantize. I wish we were!
Furthermore the reset quantize function is to no help, because the events are recorded quantized.

You’re talking about Soft Quantize, I see.
Well, I hope I don’t talk Chinese when saying the following:
Auto Quantize is a mode. It puts Cubase (or a part of it) in a certain state and things will be dealt with in a certain way while this mode is active, and differently when the mode is deactivated.

Soft Quantize is a function. If you want it to be performed you have to click a button. It cannot be part of a mode by the way it is designed.

If you are asking Soft Quantize to be part of AQ Steinberg would need to completely re-design Soft Quantize on an architectural level to fulfill you your request.
It used to be called “iterative” for a good reason. You would perform the function as often as necessary until you were happy with the result. Your request would require to disbandon the iterative aspect.

NB: Dear Steinberg, Safe Range is actually part of a mode, so kindly fix that.

Well I “want” it the way Studio One is doing it. Taking the settings in the Q-panel into account when the auto quantization is performed, letting med go back to the original feeling. I know that the strict understanding of Iterative Q - now soft quantize - will be impossible because, how would the function know how many steps I would like?
But if it’s a mode or a function, I don’t know, and it’s beyond the scope of my post, to be involved with that, I think.

Not that I get misunderstood: By no means I intend to judge your feature request. I rather tried to point out that AQ not taking into account the Soft Quantize setting is not a bug but a design choice. It might be nice to have a “quantize by x%” mode (rather than a function). However, that would be an additional item to the current Soft Quantize.

A mode is something you switch on at some point and then switch off at another point.
A function is a one shot “execute now” thing.

Arm a track to record is a mode;
delete an event is a function.

Regardless of the above: Safe Range is neglected by AQ and THAT is a bug.

Well I didn’t say it was a bug! I just wanted it to behave different.

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