New autocomplete feature

I’m loving this new autocomplete feature in Dorico 3.

I love this post ! :joy:

Nice try, but not as good as this classic: :smiley:

Shouldn’t there be a submenu so one can choose which composer’s style to use. But perhaps this is just a “first” iteration.

That’s in Notation Options, or you can adjust locally from the Properties panel.

Not in Dorico Elements. In an educational context, Elements will auto-detect the syllabus for the relevant examination and generate the appropriate style of music.

I can see this is going to be a LONG day. :unamused:


With these options of course:


Not sure how Dorico will deal with this, but the Berklee School of Music has announced a major change. I think we’ll have to wait for 3.0 (or later) for this to be fully accomodated:

Mmmm… B locrian…

This getting serious because between German and others who follow their take with B for B flat and the rest of us who don’t…we’ll have to eliminate two notes.
Of course now it’s April 2 so we can all breath again.