New (blanck) track based on current track!


I have missed this function all the years working with cubase. I find myself doing this VERY often:

  • Record a track
  • Set name, effects, EQ, routing etc.
  • Duplicate track (to keep all settings)
  • Delete wav’s on track
  • Record on the new track

The function: create new track from lane includes all data on the track, which is the same as duplicate track!

Why cant we have a new track based on the current? AND it should be blank!

+1 please. I do the same, a lot of duplicating and deleting.

I think I once wrote a macro for it and assigned it to a shortcut key (but I’m running out of unused keys, can we have that requested macro button panel sometime please??).


You can already do this easily with a very short macro:

  1. Go to File/Key Commands/Show Macros
  2. Create a new macro and name it.
  3. In the top section click on the +All button so you can search all entries for the required commands.
  4. Find the following commands and click Add Command for each:
    • Project - Duplicate Tracks
    • Edit - Select All On Tracks
    • Edit - Delete
    • Edit - Record Enable. [This step might not be necessary if you already have the option to record-enable selected tracks ticked in preferences]
  5. Now find your new macro command in the top half of the key commands window and assign it a shortcut key (I used shift+alt+d, which was unassigned).


Yeah, that’s it but the automation isn’t deleted because it doesn’t get selected and I’ve never found a way to select all automation on a selected track. Pity!


Yeah, these things are hard to find sometimes! Easiest way to find them is to expand the whole key commands selections using the +All button in the key commands window, then use the search function to find the desired command (magnifying class finds next if you press it again).

Doing that, searching for “automation” I soon found:

“Automation — Delete Automation of Selected Tracks”

You just need to insert that command somewhere in your Macro :slight_smile:

:blush: Well, there ya go, I’ve looked around in the past for this so I could either be blind or they sneaked it in in 7.5 perhaps… Thank you!!


No worries.

You’ve inspired me to create a few new macros and investigate the project logical editor… I keep forgetting these facilities are there!

Cheers for the Macro tips.
Although, such a common command should be native.


This has been asked for so many times it’s ridonculous. It’s on my Annual Request list going back 10 years. For some people it’s an eye-roller, which I don’t get. I would find it indispensable.

In Microsoft Word there used to be this thing called ‘Format Painter’ where you could basically copy all the formatting from one paragraph or table onto a new (blank) object. In fact, it ‘remembered’ those settings so you could use it over and over and over.

I want that functionality ALL OVER Cubase. Not just on this request, but for -any- type of track or event. You select (a), right click and a dialogue appears ‘Create new (whatever) based on current object?’ Yes/No.

Great idea suntower, format painter. Also Word has a Ctrl-Y feature which repeats the last command again, and that’s just an incredible tool - so handy when you’ve just done something complex to one selection and you need to do it again to another.