New blues tracks

I lost track of where you guys were. Last time I logged in to a session on the forum, we were at steinbergusers.

In the meantime, I have been recording a few songs I wrote back in 2009.

A straight up blues:
A jazz blues:
A country blues:
And my latest, a hard rock blues:

On the latest song, the drums were done using EZ Drummer. On the earlier ones, Battery and/or Sampletank were used. I think it may be a good thing to go back and redo the older ones with EZ Drummer. Of course my plan is to redo these one day with a live drummer.
Have a listen and enjoy!

These songs are OK. It’s probably best to focus on the one song and nail it then move onto the next. Having said that, I’m working on 7 at once at the moment :laughing: But they’re part of a concept so it’s gonna be a while before they’re done :cry:

General comments:

  1. Your guitar playing is quite good. I like it a lot. :smiley:

  2. Your vocals are very good also. I’m jealous. :imp:

Specific comments are below.

Older Woman Blues…I didn’t listen to it because I was staring at the woman you have as the song cover. :open_mouth: (j/k)

  1. The organ is a tad too loud. The tone wheels could use a bit more variety. Trust me - I have and still do this same thing. I don’t know what VST you’re using here, but I downloaded VB3 (Demo) version and in spite of the fact that the producer says it’ll add random white noise to the sound generated I’ve never had this get in my way. Plus the drawbars all respond to MIDI automation (via user-defined CCs) so you can add a lot of variety to the sound this way.

  2. The drums need more presence. This is a recurring theme in all of your songs.

In the Doghouse sounds great, but you must speed it up. These songs were meant to be played faster so that people can get their two-step going on the dance floor.

Still Employed reminds me of old Steely Dan in terms of feel.

  1. Pull the vocals and organ back. The organ, especially, is far too loud in the mix. As a result, the bass and drums are crowded out.

  2. The drum line needs serious work. I appreciate the effort to put together a convincing drum line because I suck at it. But you really need something that doesn’t sound half done.

This song has amazing potential.

Got My Ole’ Guitar is reminding me of Ice Cream Man by Van Halen as I’m listening to it. You just need to kick up the tempo a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Again, the drums lack depth. This is a rock song, so the drums need to be in my face. The kick is non-existent and the snare is weak.

  2. The lead line is using more of a SRV sound, while the rhythm is heavily distorted. These two don’t mix well because they are so different. I would definitely tune back the amount of distortion on the rhythm.

  3. I wasn’t kidding about the tempo. The song drags quite a bit. You can alleviate this by making the drums play more loosely, i.e. they are (in the solo, for example) playing a “hard swing” style. As a result the overall feel of the song is “belabored.”

Thanks for the input! And thanks for listening!
Music certainly is a lifelong learning experience! :laughing: I don’t have lots of time to spend making music, with a day job and school going on, so it might be a while before I get around to redoing them completely at different tempos. Simple changes like adjusting the volume of the organ, I could get done quick and upload a new version.
I did however redo the drums on three of them. I can hear how stiff the overquantized MIDI drum patters I’d been using sound.
Earlier this year I got EZ Drummer. “Got My Ol’ Guitar” was the first song I tried EZ Drummer out on and I was blown away. These new versions use EZ Drummer expansion drumkits I got at Christmas time. While I didn’t re-track any guitar/vocal/bass parts, I did slap some of my new Waves signature plugins on the bass, and I put MAGNETIC II on the drumkits. Those were also purchased between the holidays. Enjoy.
Alternately, you can click on the links in the first post to play the new versions. I just replaced the files on soundclick.