New Border Cross EP for free

Hi guys

I’ve not been around here much at all for a while. I’ve been extremely busy with ‘life’ things. :neutral_face: I have been trying to get this thing finished for the last few months. I have done a little bit of work on it these last few days and have now decided it’s time to let go of these songs and move on. It started of as a full album but I wasn’t happy with some songs so it’s now a five track EP.

The EP is called ‘Ever Turning Circles’ and you can get it at Bandcamp

Thanks for all the help and advice.


Welcome back :slight_smile:

Nice results, my favourite is ‘was it something I said’.
Did you get the title on be you**'re** own man wrong on purpose?


Fixed. Thanks for that.

So, you got a life eh? Nice work! :smiley: How’d you do it?? :mrgreen:

Congrats on the new EP… but - that cover pic is rather disturbing! :astonished:

Truly love “You’re Free”. Find it very moving. I really like the rest of them too, but that’s the one that really stands out for me. I’m trying to remember, when you put that up for the “mix-off”, was there a story around it? It’s a great song.

Sounds great Dave. Great mixes too. Lovely stuff :sunglasses:


He he. Some say I’m a disturbed person. :laughing:


Thanks for the thumbs up. :sunglasses: That song isn’t based on any particular story though.


Thanks Phil.

As always there are things I think I could do better but it was time to draw a line and try and get started on something fresh. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave! And to early’s point above, +1 regarding “Your Free”. I must have remixed that a few times, whilst kicking the tires on Reaper one weekend. Great tune.


Thank you! :sunglasses: