New Bug Discovery; Shifting dynamics

I have recently found a bug that I have not come across in the forums before. I read that this would be the appropriate place to share it, so I am doing so. If this is not, I will gladly delete it.

I have found that when changing staccato/stacatissimo notes using Shift+} or just ], the dynamics written for other instruments before that start to drop down on the page. They continue to do so until they entirely disappear. I have not come across this before, and do not know if that the specific items my piece are responsible, but I thought I must share. I can also provide a video of this happening in action if needed.

Added: This happens even if I hit the button on the screen to change to staccato. Once it has shifted down, I cannot make it shift back up or undo it.

Does the problem get fixed by closing and reopening the project?

Of course in order to fix anything, they will need a reproducible case. A project that demonstrates the problem is best.

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Unfortunately, it does not. I have tried closing and reopening the project multiple times.

Please cut down your project to the most minimal example possible (e.g. remove bars other than the ones in which the problem is occurring, and remove as many instruments as you can while still being able to reproduce the problem) and attach it here, and we’ll be glad to take a look.