New Build Pc. Problem

I’ve just bought some bits off Ebay and made a pc which is a better spec than my other i5 3rd gen 8gig ram machine.
On the other machine i upgrade from Win 7 64 bit to Windows 10 64 bit with no problems.
The new one i did a fresh install of Windows 10 64 bit and the transfer of data is slow and Cubase glitches and the audio performnce meter hits the red in a spike now and then.
Should i re-install Win 10 or install Win 7 and then upgrade to Win 10 ?

This is interesting. When you say ‘fresh install on Win10’ this is really just the starting point because all the Win10 install discs are first version and pretty crapolla. You need to do what you’ve done, install Win10 from a factory disc - and then get on line and do ALL the OS updates. The newest update is really good, Version 1903 OS build 18362.418.

What is your interface? Go to Sweetwater or Focusrite for a setup insight but be advised, there are more things to do. Win10 is much better than Win7, easily, but remember that Win10 is seemingly designed for middle of the road users, not exactly DAW users. Look at Bluetooth, HD audio devices on your graphics card (turn off what you don’t use or need) and whatever you do DO NOT turn off your Security app as it’s extensions - there are 5 green check marks you need to acquire if you want Win10 to stop searching your computer for issues - not good for DAW work. I know, in Win7 you could shut all of this off, but not so in Win10. That’s all I got, best of luck.

Fresh install of Windows 10 should be good after OS updates (I agree with mr.roos above about that).

Windows can end up slowing the machine down terribly for audio:

Make sure you’re doing all the basic checks (as these are easily glossed over!)

  • Power options are set to highest performance
  • Check for any background programs eating up memory in the task manager
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and check if you’re still getting the issues

Make sure all drivers are up to date, OS updates, BIOS updates, and any updates relevant to your hardware.

There’s a few guides online that are decent (e.g. search ‘optimizing windows 10 for audio’) - there might be some simple steps that could fix the issues in your new install.

Hi Thanks for the replies.
After running Latencymon it was a microsoft file that that caused the problem
I’ve since let windows 10 update (again) and it seems to run fine.