New buttons: delay off and reverb off...

…while keeping all other FX.

Here’s my reasoning:

  • I want to keep the other effects, because they are great and they match the patches very well (good job, DSP team and patch developers, btw… :wink: )
  • I like the effects, but I want to put everything in my song into max. 2 locations (room / chamber for drums, hall or plate for vocals)
  • Delay is quite similar here - I often use one delay send channel for rhytmic effects (8 dot is my signature delay time :laughing: ) - and, for colour, I prefer an analog emulation delay anyway

So I’d like two buttons: “no delays” and “no reverb”. Would make work with Halion a lot smoother for me (usually when I open a patch I delete all delays and reverbs but leave all other FX intact).

Yup that is needed an also a lock flexphraser button like in the Retrolouge 2

I like this idea.

I am down with an easy top level all effects off button too. So that all patches I browse simply do not come with any effects.