New C13 menu bar autohide option

One thing that I discovered today and might be good solution for all dark mode lovers. :smile:
If you uncheck C13 menu and it goes off you can recall it when it is needed with simple keycomand. Simplly drive with mouse cursor over upper project taskbar (no click needed) and press left alt keyboard button and menu is here!
Now chose for example preferences and as soon you open it main menu disapears automaticaly.

Now we have more height in workspace and no white bar anymore!

can you tell me how to make it disappear? I searched about it but couldn’t find anything! I would be very grateful!!

Just right click on the upper right part of the window and a menu to show/disable the menu bar will pop-up.

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Thank you, I’ll try it! I think I clicked everywhere without finding it!

Will be a great party when Steinberg will give us a real full screen mode, as it is possible in Dorico and all other application in the planet.

Like Jorge said you must first uncheck " show menu Bar" with right click to turn it permanetly off.
After that you go with cursor to upper Cubase project bar and press ALT. (See picture)
So you get menu temporary back when you need it.
You can also try to press alt twice and menu shows and disapears, but not neeeded cause it goes off if you chose some menu funtion automatcaly.

fantastic…really fantastic!
Thank you, you changed my life…

also I changed the color of the inactive window to a dark gray and now it’s awesome!!!

Im glad your happy😀.
Can you explain how you changed
that inactive win to grey please.

the instructions are in Italian… it works great, you have to enter the key command in regedit following the procedure

There is also a freeware utility to do that:

I haven’t given it a try myself yet. More info here:

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much simpler