New CC121 version?

The CC121 is unavailable everywhere for several months and will be for 7-9 more weeks accourding to Thomann. Steinbergs promoter Dom Sigalas made a video about it and said: “Get it while it’s still available.” That was a short time before it became unavailable. So I asked Steinberg support if they will launch a new version. No answer for several weeks. No answer is an answer, too…

So what do you think will the new CC121 be called? CC122 or CC121 Mk. 2?

What new features will it get? For example like the new SSL UF8: “If it’s completely unlit, it means that pressing it will do nothing in the UF8’s current state, while a dimly lit button indicates that its function is available if needed.”

What other functions do you expect? A cheaper pricetag? A quiet fader?

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Upgraded fader would probably be one thing. I don’t own one though so not sure how loud it is but seeing as it was released like 10-11 years ago (more maybe) it would make sense that there’s better and cheaper technology out there for parts.
So yeah just better hardware all around I would hope/expect.
Personally I’d love to see a low cut and high cut on there.
What I really want is a channel strip controller. Something as intuitive as the console one but for cubase channel strip. With some feedback on the device too. Not having to double check what channel I’m on would be great.
A midi mode would be cool. Extra assignability is always nice.

I dunno. There’s loads of ways to take it.
It’s really nice for what it does and how small it is. So add too much and you end up getting something else than what you were aiming for.

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I would like to see it centered around plugins. Everybody owns hundreds of plugins nowadays. Most users don’t use the Cubase channel strip, but one the 15 EQs or 30 compressors they own.



Would love to see a new Cubase DAW controller. Will definitely invest in a new controller from Steinberg! Really hope to see a new one.


OK, let me fantasize a bit in case a Steinberg/Yamaha product manager is on this board: the new CC121 will be a merger of the CC121 and the Arturia Keylab Essentual 61. It will be called Yamaha CC61. Instead of 8 faders it will only have one on the left, but it will be automated like in the CC121. Of course there will be the AI knob, a pan knob and at least 8 knobs to control the plugins with MIDI Learn. The master keyboard will have a bright white color. There will be 8 or 16 pads for drumming/chords etc. All Pads, keys, knobs, and buttons will have LEDs with full RGB color. When using MIDI Learn on a knob it will change color on the keyboard AND in the plugin. The specification will be included in the next VST 3.x. The same applies to the colored LED rings around the knobs. Every LED will be controlled by software, not firmware. There will be no display on the new CC61, because it would look outdated anyway and the users want to use their screens.

Was thinking about getting a console 1, but even better cc121 integration w the channel strip would be great. Or even better…

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I would purchase an updated CC121 YESTERDAY if they’d expand the integration into the existing channel strip and plugins. Please continue to innovate Steinberg, don’t let Presonus take the lead!


You are talking about Presonus Faderport V2, right? Does it work with Cubase without issues? Or is the old CC121 better? The Faderport doesn’t have 8 knobs for MIDI Learn.

YES! Please update the CC121 to control low/high cut & channel strip. Looking at getting a Console 1 to play with it.

I’ve given up on Steiny/Yamaha producing a mid range controller or expanding the CC121 and its functionality.

Now slightly off topic so forgive me here. I now have the new SSL UF8. It’s a seriously great controller based on the old MCU protocol. Having tried all the others, this is by far the most useful and user friendly implementation I have tried. The rotary controls, almost silent faders and large led with meters are a dream. It’s a short learning curve and their 360 software to control the layers and add key commands is very well thought out. Combined use with my Console 1 gives me all the control of Nuendo that I was missing without having to shell out 35k on Nuage. You don’t get spill function with the MCU protocol but it will mirror your track configs and it has a section on the board that lets you switch between, tracks, groups, FX and VCA’s.

If SSL had split these into separate fader units and a master section, I’d be shelling out right now for 2 x faders and a master unit. That’s how good I feel these are.

I’ve unplugged the Walmart for my CC121 as the fader is so noisy and it’s no longer needed now. It’s used for transport and shortcuts and the basic channel functionality. Built like a tank and still working after almost a decade. It should have been expanded upon yeas ago.

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I agree, the CC121 should have been updated to control the new additions to the channel strip. SteveBee: I am curious as to why you went with the SSL instead of the Console 1 Fader since you already use a Console 1. More functionality? The info the screens provide look great on the SSL.

I’m now actually using all 3 together. Console 1, UF8 and CC121 and I’m finding it a great combo. You’re spot on, yes it was all about more functionality as well as hands on control. See pic. I’ll be getting another Elgato Streamdeck for this edit rig as I’ve found it invaluable for the main one for macro’s etc.

I’ve unplugged the power supply to the CC121 to remove the function of the motorised fader, this still allows me to continue to use all the buttons and knobs etc. I also replaced the capacitive fader cap on the CC121 with a non capacitive type so if I accidentally touch it, it doesn’t reset the fader on the selected channel.

As a trio they work beautifully together and the CC121 makes up for some of the functions missing on the UF8, namely transport. Without a doubt, the setup makes for faster and more enjoyable mixing.

In case anyone was interested, though I am sure it’s obvious, I made the Console 1 stand as refused to pay the stupid prices currently being asked for them and anyway, they don’t make them to sit at the right height and angle for the location I wanted it for the UF8.


Nice setup. You read my mind. Just picked up a Console 1. However, I’m planning on setting it up to use the Cubase channel strip as in this video:

UF8 looks nice! I’m to used to working with one channel at a time however. The price tag is a little steep for me too :wink:

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Let us know how you get on mapping the Console 1 to Cubase

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If I get it to work, I will post the generic remote preser here.


I got many of the knobs mapped. Unfortunately, I could not get a few key things mapped. These include: Input Gain, Hi Cut, Low Cut, Phase Inv. Also, the knobs were not “one to one” so Cubase channel strip had a few extra controls that the Console 1 did not have (e.g. compressor output). Regardless, attached is my first crack at it. Just import via Generic Remote. I didn’t map everything (like all the select track buttons), but feel free to tweak and upload a different version. Ironically, I still haven’t even played with the Softube strip which I’m sure is great! Generic Remote 6 (Console 1).xml (51.1 KB)