New Channel Type: CROSS-FADER CHANNEL - Mono receives two mono sources, Stereo receives two stereo sources

Positing the fader fully to the top mixes source A %100, all the way to the bottom is B %100. Halfway is 50-50.

There should be a small fader or trim pot for master volume.

I would like to be able to be able to choose between plain volume cross-fade, and or a selection of built in Steinberg filter cross fades, and or a couple combo volume/filter options.

It would be great if the filter could also simultaneously controll/offset effect levels in different styles, to have a delay that is mixed in at it’s loudest at the %50 position when two sources are in the midst of crossfading.

Very good idea

I would keep the fader volume of this Cross-Fader Channel for the volume, as all channels have.

I would add an slider like panorama at the bottom of the channel for managing the cross-fading.

The slider to the left = source A100%
The slider to the right = source B100%

So the appearance would be the same of a mono or stereo audio track but with a slider at the bottom (or at the top between panorama and the fader).

Sources would come from other channels sends, isn’t it?
We would select from Drums Channel and Bass Channel both sends goes to Crossfader Channel A, and from Voice Channel and Guitar Channel both sends goes Crossfader Channel B.


It’s amazing that it doesn’t exist in major DAWs yet… with all the dance/electronic/remixing going on… for the past 35 years…


Yes this could work as well

From sends, or it would just show up in the outputs as:
-Crossfader 1:a
-Crossfader 1:b

and this way it could also be accessed in Direct Outs summing mode, so you could have a bunch of bass and drum stems from one song summed to Crossfader 1:a, and then a bunch of drums and bass track from another song summed to Crossfader 1:b.

I like your idea for having like a pan slider which leaves the fader for overall volume.

Another way I would like to be able to accomplish this, allowing for a more customized track balance, is “Inverted VCAs”:

Having both these options would be amazing, and open up some really amazing creative possibilities that have instant tangibility, rather than having to automate this and lose creative flow. It’s the instant accessibility that births new creative potential.