New classical guitar song

This is my recording of a classic song: … 4tOrPg5zmP

Recorded in xy-stereo using twoNeumann KM 140

Nebula 3 with:
Studer_-10_15b Cd soundmaster
TapeSat44 2db Cd soundmaster
VTMM2 (no nebula but Cd soundmaster)
Foca Point115-Um-Q3 Cd soundmaster
Focal Point115-Um-Q2 Cd soundmaster
MWQ-Pro LM Alex B.

Hybrid reverb from VSL Vienna Suite
Have fun with this one!

“The URL contained a malformed video ID.
Sorry about that.”

Yeah the URL broke up, because you copied a shortened version.

I didnt check this forum.
Now, here is the proper link:

cheers Veet