new clip (instrumental metal)


I re-recorded a song of mine and worked on the mix and the drum programming.All of this was done in Cubase 6.

I know my mixing/production skills need TONS of work, so I’d appreciate any kind of constructive criticism on the playing, mix, sound, tone, the song/riffs, etc.


Curious as to what you’re playing here?

Overall sound is good. I could hear some eq sculpting to differentiate the bass and guitars.Arrangement is something else: I wasn’t clear on the twists and turns

Thank you very much for listening and your input !

I’m playing the guitars on this (2 guitar tracks), bass and drums are programmed :slight_smile:


Then you just need to work on making the live guitar fit with the bass which seems to be not cutting. Also seemed to be a low -mid range spectrum that needs some attention. Your mixing skills sren’t bad at all; better than you think maybe.

Thank you very much !

Yes, this is always an issue keeping the guitars out of the way of the bass and vice versa.
I will work on this.

Thanks again for listening and giving me feedback, I appreciate it :slight_smile: