new color palette behavior

once opened, to click on setup colors opens the next window in a different location from where the color palette was placed. so one has to move to that location and make changes. then once being done the closing of the setup window also closes the palette and one has to re-open it to start applying color.
having the free-floating color palette open is somehow working, the problem is that it is always on top and covers other windows/functions. even with 2 monitors, it is in the way sooner or later. would be better to integrate the color palette as a long strip under the info line for example.

does anyone who designs these things ever really work with them in a real live situation?? i sometimes doubt it.

Indeed, we have the impression that no one is testing, at least objectively. I think the person who is in charge of the interface is a weird sparrow. He has too much power in this business and works very badly. He is not even consistent in his own style.